Nina Osborne
2 min readMay 13, 2022
Photo by SUHAIL RA on Unsplash

Dear You,

I am writing you this letter to express what I could not say before. I say I hope you are well but somehow it is not something I care to know or am concerned with. I guess your harsh words, silence and unfair treatment of me has left me unable to understand or even want to understand your feeling or even reasoning for your actions. I would have said more that day but I was so taken back by how abruptly you just discarded me after I made myself vulnerable to you. I was unable to tell you how I truly felt. I am in love with you there is no other way to explain my feelings for you.

I never thought I would meet someone who has affected me the way you have. I spent over 30 years whole heartily believing love was never in the cards for me. Even though I am a romantic and had always hoped for the one to come along but accepted the alternative that it might never. I accepted it and made it part of who I am then you came along and changed it all. I think when people say love sets you free they aren’t lying for the first time in my life I was looking at what I wanted and that was you. I have never felt so alive and free in my whole life and here it was staring right at me the one thing that set me free. It felt like a switch went off inside of me and I was seeing everything through new eyes. The same eyes that saw just how beautiful you are, each attributes every flaw nothing out of place just perfect in an unperfect way. It has been some time since we have spoken even though it doesn’t feel that long ago and I know that day I didn’t fight at all when you left. I think at that time I could not fathom how after all of this time I finally find love and it flees like everything else in my life. When people wonder why some of us are closed off from experiences and people it’s because of situations like this. It is not easy to express how much you love someone but I guess it’s even harder to explain why you don’t.